Job Listings

The Triage Group is a District of Columbia Certified Business Entity (CBE) and a subcontractor to the DC ITSA contract. Following are links to the active DC job openings. Please contact us at if you are interested in applying for any of the job openings.

Title Request Number Agency Submit By NTE Rate
DCNet Architect Master 510613 OCTO $ 134.87
Enterprise Architect Master 511615 OAG 8/09/17 $ 134.87
IT Mainframmer Consultant-Senior 511697 DOES 8/11/17 $ 82.63
Program Manager Master 510739 CFSA 8/08/17 $ 107.14
Other Openings

The Triage Group is also seeking experienced Project Management, Project Support, Risk Management and Scheduler team members to support its growing Health IT practice. Interested candidates please email your resume to and enter "Health IT Jobs" in the subject line.