Case Studies and Insights

The Triage Group conducted a thorough analysis of current and required information exchange capabilities of fire, emergency medical service, hospital, mass care and other Emergency Support Function (ESF) agencies across the 18 state and local jurisdictions that comprise the National Capital Region.

Digital identity Assessment: The Triage Group has developed a framework to assist government agencies in developing their strategies for accepting externally-issued digital identity credentials, across systems of various trust levels.

Most organizations treat physical and logical security as two separate responsibilities that are managed by different departments using discrete access systems. In reality, the underpinnings of both physical and logical security are the same—they require organizations to determine who has access to what.

Case study describing the District of Columbia's Citywide DC One Card program.

The VA selected The Triage Group to deliver the modifications to the EDI transactions program because of its healthcare expertise and experience successfully delivering projects compliant with OI&T’s Project Management Accountability System (PMAS) and following VA’s ProPath project management processes.

As part of the Project Management Support Team for the ICD-10 Remediation Program, the Triage Group assisted in managing the development work to remediate and upgrade the existing VA electronic health record software, enabling it to utilize the new ICD-10 CM and PCS codes in the nation-wide transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10

The Triage Group utilized an Enterprise Architecture (EA) based approach to design and implement the advanced DW/BI platform.

Strategic white paper to present a viable approach for securing personal health Information (PHI) and making it easily accessible through Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) applications.