Employee Profiles

Our client and corporate success is due entirely to the people who call The Triage Group home. Our employees are empowered to challenge the status quo, question old paradigms and creatively solve the most difficult business and technology problems. Following are profiles of typical business and technology leaders who are providing strategic and technology services to our customers every day.

The Project Management Guru

Eats, sleeps and drinks Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) principles and is not afraid to admit it. Our project managers are seasoned professionals with best practice and more importantly, real world experience managing mission critical client initiatives. Triage program and project managers are adept at balancing project management principles with the practical needs of each client. Our project staff anticipate project needs and proactively address risks and issues to ensure timely completion of all the projects to which they are assigned.

The Entrepreneur

Embraces the mission and vision of their client partners and tirelessly focuses on achieving their business goals as if they were their own. Our professionals bring an entrepreneurial spirit and energy to their client engagements and become trusted advisors by delivering tangible business results. Triage consultants are self-motivated and independent and are prepared to take full ownership and responsibility of your business goals to make them a reality.

The Technologist

Constantly researches the latest technology trends, independently learns how to implement leading edge technology architecture and practically applies technology to solve their clients’ pressing business challenges. Our experienced technology strategists, architects and developers have broad experience in the latest application, infrastructure and database technologies. These professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and are supported by a deep technology bench of resources to successfully implement and maintain the technology challenges they are assigned to deliver.

The Business Strategist

Instinctively applies Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT Analysis or other relevant strategy models in tackling any business challenge they are presented. Our business strategy consultants are seasoned MBAs who have honed their skills in traditional strategy consulting organizations. Whether assessing new business opportunities, developing go-to-market strategies or evaluating the return on investment for new technology initiatives, our professionals are prepared to assist. Our consultants will intelligently apply their industry, technology and business strategy expertise to execute the most challenging business or technology strategies.